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Malvasia Le Collezioni

White wine dry 2015

About the grape variety
Malvasia is a grape that was probably brought from Asia Minor to Greece. The name originated from the Greek city of Monemvasia, which lies on the peninsula of Pelopennes. From there, the grape variety went through a triumphant procession through the southern European countries. In Mallorca and Canary Islands, these wines were grown as sweet wine. In modern times Malvasia is more likely to be drunk than dry white wine.    

The winery
The company Pasqua, from which the Malvasia comes, is a traditional family winery from the Salento growing area, located in the wine paradise of Puglia. Multiple awards for wines from the estate of Gambero Rosso confirm that quality is important here. Also the Malvasia „Le Collezioni“ remains true to this requirement.

Beautiful straw-yellow color, in the nose aroma aromas of flowery scents and citrus fruits. In the mouth with beautiful freshness and liveliness and a pleasant, mild acidity. A wine for many occasions that you can enjoy young.

Grape varieties: Malvasia  
Food pairing: Potato dishes such as gnocchi, pastries 
Storage: 3 – 4 years


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